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Metal chilled ceilings in accordance with TAIM quality standard

We produce different cooling solutions for a wide range of ceiling systems.

In addition to high quality copper pipe meanders (tested for aspects of building biology) that are moulded into special thermal conduction profiles, we also offer our own oxygen diffusion tight plastic piping system. Both versions are produced in-house and connected to the metal ceiling panels.

The following metal ceiling systems are suitable and recommended by us for use as cooling ceiling:

  • cooling ceiling system – bandraster ceiling
  • cooling ceiling system – metal ceiling sail
  • cooling ceiling system – clip-in/hinge-down tile
  • cooling ceiling system – hook-in ceiling
  • cooling ceiling system with gypsum boards

The cooling ceiling systems tested by us not only have good acoustic properties but also excellent performance values. The distinguishing features of our cooling ceilings as compared to air conditioning systems are their energy efficiency with resulting considerably lower operating costs, their comfort thanks to their noiseless operation and their flexibility of use.

Our metal ceilings with integrated cooling are tested complete systems. Ceiling panels, substructure, accessories and copper pipe meanders are manufactured by us and prepared for you as thermally moulded activated cooling ceiling panel. The advantages of these integrated products are a perfected technology with highest quality standards. Activated ceiling panels are available ready to install in excellent packaging.

Chilled ceiling system bandraster

Free choice of spacing of the bandraster profiles in combination with the different cross and linear system versions allow great diversity in ceiling design. With special bandraster profiles, we have created the possibility for longitudinally sound reduced ceilings and flexible room design.

Parallel bandraster linear system

Chilled ceiling system – metal ceiling sail

Metal ceiling sails are particularly suitable for special architectural solutions. The integration of lighting, cooling and heating reflects the high functionality of this system. It ensures a comfortable design of room acoustics, particularly in large rooms. With a high convection effect, cooling ceiling sails made of metal achieve top values in room climate control.

Chilled ceiling system – clip-in/hinge-down tile

This chilled ceiling system with our standard clip-in/hinge-down tiles offers a very good price-performance ratio. Special dimensions are available on request. Ceiling appearance is perfect with level design.

Chilled ceiling system KK

Chilled ceiling system – hook-in ceiling

Hook-in ceilings are one of the most frequently used ceiling designs as they allow creative flexibility.

Square, rectangular, trapezoid, triangular and curved ceiling panels can be realised as cooling ceiling with this system. The easy accessibility for maintenance and service work is one of the special features of this ceiling type.

Hook-in ceiling - open joint
Hook-in ceiling – overlapping construction

Chilled ceiling system with gypsum boards

Our high quality copper pipe meander system that is moulded into special thermal conduction profiles and ensures with counter pressure through a universal bracket the flush positioning of the mounted gypsum board to the thermal conduction profile is a solution for unperforated and perforated gypsum ceilings.

As with our metal cooling ceilings, also here we have the possibility to use a plastic pipe system. An oxygen diffusion tight plastic pipe is laid into milled grooves arranged in meanders in the gypsum panel.

Both chilled ceiling versions have been tested and have high performance values. Equally good sound absorption values as with a normal gypsum acoustic ceiling are achieved for acoustic panels with plastic pipes.

Gypsum chilled ceiling copper pipe system
Gypsum chilled ceiling with plastic pipe